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Looking for a tailor-made tour of London?

About G&T

At London Guides and Tours we believe it is important to have the best memories of your trip.

Our aim is to make you feel like you are travelling with a friend. We offer direct, and close contact from the first moment. We help you design experiences that make your visit unforgettable.

We started in 2017 in Amsterdam, and we are already in Seville, the Netherlands, Porto, Belgium, and London…

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Welcome to London! The capital of the UK

Discover London: your destination for a Perfect Getaway

London is a vibrant city steeped in history that will win you over from the very first moment. With its mix of iconic monuments, world-class cuisine, rich culture, and exquisite wines, London offers an unrivaled experience.

Monuments and World Heritage Sites

London is home to some of the world’s most iconic sites, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore ancient churches, and famous wineries and enjoy architecture that combines Gothic, Baroque, and modern styles. The cobbled lanes add to the city’s unique charm.

Experience the Magic of London with London Guides and Tours

You can’t miss a stroll through London’s most picturesque neighbourhoods, known for their friendly, generous people and spectacular views. The Ribeira district, for example, is famous for its breathtaking views of the River Thames.

An Award-Winning, Easy-to-Navigate City

Awarded Europe’s Leading City Break Destination in 2020, London is a convenient and accessible city, perfect for getting around on foot. Enjoy the heritage on both sides of the river, with its majestic bridges, historical monuments, colourful tiles, and charming flowered balconies.

A Top Tourist Destination

London has established itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Europe. Immerse yourself in its lively shopping streets, savour the culinary diversity, and soak up the magical atmosphere of this fascinating city.

Book your tour of London with us and discover all that this wonderful city has to offer.

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