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About London Guides

Who is behind London Guides and Tours?

"We start the tours with strangers but end them with friends"

David M. CEO Guides & Tours

The Story

Most of us were swept away by the so-called “maroon tide’”(after the colour of our passport). The lack of job opportunities meant that, due to the economic crisis (2008 – 2014), young, educated people left Spain in droves.

The “vagaries of life” brought us together to start London Guides & Tours. Different reasons led us to choose the capital of the United Kingdom as our new home.

The project

Years of experience working in the world of tourism for different companies in the sector as tour guides led us to create a project that knew how to take advantage of the strengths and perfect the weaknesses of the industry.

Guías y Tours was born in 2017 with the aim of improving the experience of travellers.

The Promise

For London Guides and Tours there is no better planning than that done by a guide who knows the city and adjusts the times to your needs.

LGT aims to offer a more direct and close treatment from the first moment. To design experiences that reach the traveller with the highest quality.

Our mission: to offer you an unforgettable experience during your visit to London.

Always from a position of responsible tourism, trying to show the idiosyncrasy of the country and showing you the peculiarities of London and its particularities.

See what other travellers have to say about us

Xavi, Xavi, Xavi, Xavi! It was a fun tour. Thanks to him our trip was enjoyable and informative at the same time. You opened my eyes, our eyes to the history and all the things I need to know about this country. From north to south and from east to west, everything is worth it. I highly recommend Guias & Tours, it was a great investment. I will recommend the tour and Xavi to all my friends.’

TripAdvisor user Harkinish

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“We went to the countryside with David, a beautiful, cultural and fun trip. We went through some incredible villages, where David gave us lots of interesting information about the places to visit, the food…. We visited a traditional clog and cheese factory. And he gave us many recommendations for things to do in the city, and even to save money…. I highly recommend it !!!”

TripAdvisor user Cariototi

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“There is no better way to visit the country than with the expert, personal and enthusiastic service of the guides at Guides & Tours !!!!.

Highly recommended. We will be using them again on future visits and are already recommending them to family and friends.

Special thanks to Juan for his kindness, dedication, and enthusiasm!”

TripAdvisor user SevillaC

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Plan the perfect trip to London, according to your needs.

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